Why its important to have a storm shelter in Oklahoma

storm shelter oklahomaOklahoma is known for its unpredictable weather, which can include tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and flash floods. These weather events can cause significant damage to homes and property, and can even put lives at risk. That’s why having a storm shelter is so important in Oklahoma.

A storm shelter is a structure designed to provide protection from severe weather events. In Oklahoma, storm shelters are particularly important because of the state’s location in the heart of Tornado Alley. This region of the United States is known for its high frequency of tornadoes, which can strike at any time, often with little warning.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Having a storm shelter can provide peace of mind for Oklahoma residents, knowing that they have a safe place to go in the event of severe weather. In addition to protecting individuals and families, storm shelters can also help protect pets and valuable possessions.

There are a variety of storm shelter options available in Oklahoma, including underground shelters, above-ground shelters, and safe rooms. Underground shelters are typically the most popular option, as they provide the greatest level of protection from tornadoes and other severe weather events. However, above-ground shelters and safe rooms can also provide a high level of protection, and may be more practical for some homeowners.

Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms Can Add Value To Your Home

In addition to providing physical protection, storm shelters can also add value to a home. In areas where severe weather is common, many homebuyers prioritize homes with storm shelters when they are searching for a new property. This can make a home with a storm shelter more attractive to potential buyers and increase its resale value.

While storm shelters are not required by law in Oklahoma, they are strongly recommended by emergency management officials and other experts in the field. In fact, some cities and towns in Oklahoma have even established programs to help homeowners and businesses install storm shelters, recognizing the importance of protecting their communities from severe weather events.

In conclusion, having a storm shelter is crucial for anyone living in Oklahoma. With the unpredictable weather patterns in this state, it’s important to be prepared for the worst. A storm shelter can provide a safe haven for individuals, families, and pets, while also offering protection for valuable possessions. It can also add value to a home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. If you live in Oklahoma, consider investing in a storm shelter to protect yourself and your loved ones from severe weather events.

Why Is It Better to Get a Storm Shelter Now Versus After a Deadly Tornado?

storm shelters oklahomaIf a tornado is headed toward your home would you feel safer sitting in a storm shelter or by riding it out in a predetermined room?  Installing a shelter is normally high on everyone’s “to-do” list but when there’s a tornado drought, like in recent years, it gets put off until the next devastating tornado.  Often referred to as a “trigger event” it causes the masses to flood storm shelter companies with determination.

The waiting period after a tornado can range from 8-12 months.  This leaves a homeowner caught off-guard wishing they had installed a shelter during the slow season which historically is August to December.  After the Moore, OK tornado the install schedule extended past one year. A storm shelter is an investment in the safety of your family and pets.  Installing one during the August to December period can sometimes save your family money but if a tornado happens anywhere in the USA the demand increases overnight!  Stop risking it and betting against Mother Nature!  The timing couldn’t be better because we have amassed the largest storm shelter and safe room inventory available in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky!  This translates into being able to get a shelter installed within 30 days. A $500.00 deposit is required to reserve a spot on the installation schedule and the remaining balance will be due at the time of installation.  We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash as a form of payment.  Storm shelter financing is available with multiple lenders.

For more information on storm shelter pricing or installation availability in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky please contact us at 405-417-8676 or use the quote form on the website to the right.

Did You Purchase A Storm Shelter From Extreme Shelters In OKC?

Did you purchase a tornado storm shelter from Extreme Shelters in OKC, OK and they never installed it, or unable to receive a refund?  Call us today at 405-417-8676 to see how Smart Shelters can help you!

Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters is happy to announce that if you got short-changed by Extreme Shelters we will donate a tornado storm shelter to your family after providing proper payment documentation.

If you paid Extreme Shelters for a storm shelter and they would not install it.  Call us!  If you spoke with them and they would not refund your money.  Call us.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

Don’t hesitate!  Call us today to ensure your family is safe when the storm season begins.  We are here to help!

Financing For Storm Shelters in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky

Financing For Storm Shelters

Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters is pleased to announce no interest financing for up to 21 months on storm shelters, tornado shelters, and above ground safe rooms.  By partnering with numerous national lending institutions and local credit unions there’s no doubt we can locate a fast, convenient, and easy way to finance a storm shelter that meets the needs of any budget.  Approvals are fast and can be obtained in as little as 30-seconds by visiting the “Financing” page on the website.

Regardless of credit score lenders will make financing a storm shelter a possibility because they know the importance of having a storm shelter installed in the states of Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  We take the stress out of financing a storm shelter and have arranged with these lending institutions to assist you with financing options regardless of your past credit history.

We feel confident when we proclaim we can get you financed for a storm shelter BUT if for some reason we can’t we offer a layaway plan where you get to design the monthly payments and have up to 18 months to pay it off.  When you use the layaway option of getting a storm shelter there is a $300 deposit and then we will set you up on monthly payments where you get to dictate the amount.

You won’t find another storm shelter company in Oklahoma that makes it this easy to install a storm shelter!

If you have questions email or call and we’ll be happy to assist you on which option will work best.


Prices for Storm Shelters in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky

After severe weather in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky, demand increases considerably to install a storm shelter to prepare for the next round of severe weather.  If you’ve put off installing a storm shelter or safe room,  rejoice because storm shelter prices are budget-friendly with plenty of financing options available.  Prices are for shelters installed in the garage and are valid for Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  Please note, we are currently sold out of outdoor shelters for the 2020 season.  To obtain information on pricing and the install availability give us a call at 405-417-8676 or submit a quote request.

The Cost of Shelter In Place at Home

Do storm shelters save lives?  The picture above is of Sherry Wells, a Moore, OK resident who had just purchased a storm shelter from Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters a couple of weeks before the horrific event.  Here’s what she said when interviewed by Yahoo News:  “If it wasn’t for the hand of God and the cellar, we wouldn’t be here,” Wells said as she sorted through the rubble of her home on that dreadful day.  She went on to add “it’s the best thing ever!”  A couple of days after being interviewed she visited the showroom to hug our necks and thank us.

We hear it all the time “I wouldn’t have a storm shelter installed inside the garage because all the debris would stack on top of the lid and how would I get out?”  WRONG! (respectfully).   That’s why it’s a requirement to obtain a storm shelter permit in most but not all cities.  The primary purpose of the storm shelter permit is to log the GPS coordinates.  Emergency response professionals will know to look if a tornado hits your area.  Another good rule of thumb is to notify co-workers, family, and neighbors you have a tornado storm shelter inside the garage.  That will ensure there’ll be a lot of people searching and you’ll get out fast if assistance is needed.

Click HERE to Watch Video of Man and Kittens Survive
Direct Hit From Moore, OK Tornado in a Smart Shelter

Here’s a list of important items to take with you in the storm shelter:

  •   Water.
  •   Batteries.
  •   5-gallon bucket (might have to have a potty break).
  •   Toilet paper.
  •   Earplugs.
  •   Important insurance and financial documents.
  •   Pictures or videos of belongings for insurance purposes.
  •   Food with a high shelf life.
  •   Cell phones.
  •   Pets.
  •   Flashlights.

Battery operated weather alert radio.

Storm Shelter Prices For Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky:

Contact us for updated pricing.

REGULAR / Holds 6 / 3′ Wide X 6′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.
LARGE / Holds 8 / 3′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.  (Most Popular).
EXTRA LARGE  / Holds 10-12 / 4′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.
JUMBO / Holds 12-14 / 5′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.

(For pictures click size description above).

Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters is located inside:

Oklahoma Upfitters
913 South Broadway
Edmond, OK 73034

The showroom phone is 405-417-8676 and we are open Monday – Friday 8 AM-5 PM.

We hope your family will never need to rely on a storm shelter but it’s better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it!

Best Storm Shelter Company in Moore & South OKC Award


We are proud to announce Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters recently received the Best of Moore & South OKC Award in the Storm Shelter Category from the Moore Monthly.  Some of the largest storm shelter companies in the USA are located in Oklahoma City, OK metro area so to be recognized as the “BEST” is an honor we don’t take lightly.  We consider it an honor to protect the citizens of Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky with our patented lid design.


We hope nobody has to rely on using a Smart Shelter Tornado Shelters to save their life from severe weather but know they’ll survive if they do.  Thank you to Moore Monthly and the citizens of Oklahoma City.  It’s because of you we install storm shelters and we look forward to the next ten years of protecting you!

About Moore Monthly:  Moore Monthly is a regular publication of Trifecta Communications and features news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle content for the Moore and South Oklahoma City area. It’s also the media sibling of, an innovative hyperlocal news website that is devoted to news, sports and entertainment content from the same coverage area.

CLICK HERE for more information on Moore Monthly and to view the March 2020 publication where all the “Best of Moore & South OKC” award winners were announced.

Mississippi Family Survives Tornado in Safe Room

A family in Mississippi lost everything after a tornado obliterated their rural home on Easter Sunday, but they are alive because of a home safe-room that doubles as a closet.

More than 30 people were killed in a two-day period as severe storms tore across the South, leaving more than 1 million homes without power. Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said there were reports of close to 80 tornadoes linked to the violent weather.

“We had one reported tornado in Mississippi that tracked over 100 miles, so this was one for the record books in terms of how many tornadoes we had,” Dean said on “Fox & Friends.”

In a two-day period, storms stretched from Texas to Mississippi, and then farther east to the Georgia coast and northward to Virginia. The National Weather Service (NWS) tallied hundreds of reports of trees down across the region, including many that punctured roofs and downed power lines.

Members of one family in an impacted area of Mississippi said they just managed to get into their safe room seconds before a tornado struck.

“I was in there about 20 seconds when it hit,” Andrew Phillips told the Associated Press. “The house is gone, everything but the safe room.”

While the rest of their home was obliterated in a matter of seconds Sunday afternoon, Amber Phillip, her husband, Andrew, and their kids, ages 2 and 6 months, survived the storm without a scratch inside the small safe room, which doubles as a closet. (Andrew Phillips via AP)
Phillips and his wife, Amber, had only been living in the home for a few weeks with their two children, ages 2 and 6 months. He told the AP the safe room, built from concrete blocks, doubles as a closet and was one of the reasons he bought the home.

Some homes in the so-called “Tornado Alley” are equipped with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-approved “safe rooms,” which, according to the organization, is a “hardened structure specifically designed to meet FEMA criteria and provide life-safety protection in extreme wind, including tornadoes and hurricanes.”

The family was watching an online Easter service Sunday morning when Phillips, a volunteer firefighter, then started tracking the weather online and on a fire radio.

As the tornado approached his home in Moss, he hurried the family into the room. Phillips told the AP he saw the funnel cloud outside, and then grabbed pillows from his bedroom before running back to shield his family.

The home was obliterated by the storm, with the safe room the only part left standing in photos he shared to Facebook.

“The more I look at what is left of our house, it makes me think of the tomb Jesus Christ was in. We was in there Jesus protected us,” he wrote on Facebook. “But after the storm was over the tomb was empty we came out alive just like Jesus did for you.”

All four survived the tornado without a scratch.

“So since our tomb is empty we have risen and will return soon,” he added.

Phillips told the AP that he was going to let insurance handle the damage and “trust in the good Lord.”

“We’re going to try to come back bigger and better,” he said Monday.

While the family of four survived the storm, others in Mississippi were not as fortunate. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said there were 11 confirmed deaths in the state and multiple injuries due to the storms.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said the storms were “as bad or worse than anything we’ve seen in a decade.”

“We are used to tornadoes in Mississippi,” he said. “No one is used to this.”

By Travis Fedschun | Fox News.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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