After severe weather in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky, demand increases considerably to install a storm shelter to prepare for the next round of severe weather.  If you’ve put off installing a storm shelter or safe room,  rejoice because storm shelter prices are budget-friendly with plenty of financing options available.  Prices are for shelters installed in the garage and are valid for Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  Please note, we are currently sold out of outdoor shelters for the 2020 season.  To obtain information on pricing and the install availability give us a call at 405-417-8676 or submit a quote request.

The Cost of Shelter In Place at Home

Do storm shelters save lives?  The picture above is of Sherry Wells, a Moore, OK resident who had just purchased a storm shelter from Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters a couple of weeks before the horrific event.  Here’s what she said when interviewed by Yahoo News:  “If it wasn’t for the hand of God and the cellar, we wouldn’t be here,” Wells said as she sorted through the rubble of her home on that dreadful day.  She went on to add “it’s the best thing ever!”  A couple of days after being interviewed she visited the showroom to hug our necks and thank us.

We hear it all the time “I wouldn’t have a storm shelter installed inside the garage because all the debris would stack on top of the lid and how would I get out?”  WRONG! (respectfully).   That’s why it’s a requirement to obtain a storm shelter permit in most but not all cities.  The primary purpose of the storm shelter permit is to log the GPS coordinates.  Emergency response professionals will know to look if a tornado hits your area.  Another good rule of thumb is to notify co-workers, family, and neighbors you have a tornado storm shelter inside the garage.  That will ensure there’ll be a lot of people searching and you’ll get out fast if assistance is needed.

Click HERE to Watch Video of Man and Kittens Survive
Direct Hit From Moore, OK Tornado in a Smart Shelter

Here’s a list of important items to take with you in the storm shelter:

  •   Water.
  •   Batteries.
  •   5-gallon bucket (might have to have a potty break).
  •   Toilet paper.
  •   Earplugs.
  •   Important insurance and financial documents.
  •   Pictures or videos of belongings for insurance purposes.
  •   Food with a high shelf life.
  •   Cell phones.
  •   Pets.
  •   Flashlights.

Battery operated weather alert radio.

Storm Shelter Prices For Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky:

Contact us for updated pricing.

REGULAR / Holds 6 / 3′ Wide X 6′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.
LARGE / Holds 8 / 3′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.  (Most Popular).
EXTRA LARGE  / Holds 10-12 / 4′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.
JUMBO / Holds 12-14 / 5′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall.

(For pictures click size description above).

Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters is located inside:

Oklahoma Upfitters
913 South Broadway
Edmond, OK 73034

The showroom phone is 405-417-8676 and we are open Monday – Friday 8 AM-5 PM.

We hope your family will never need to rely on a storm shelter but it’s better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it!