Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters located in Edmond, OK builds storm shelters and safe rooms that can be installed in the garage.   The patented lid design is installed virtually flush with the garage floor making it the most desirable storm shelter on the market today.  We are pleased to announce we now offer a layaway plan that permits you to set the monthly payments after the deposit is made.

Currently, we install shelters in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky but the layaway plan is only available in Oklahoma at this time.  This could change so contact us if you have questions or are interested in participating.

Storm Shelter Layaway
After a prolonged period of having the public ask for alternative payment methods, we decided it was time to give Oklahoma what it has been asking for: a storm shelter layaway program.

The storm shelter layaway program in Oklahoma details:

  • You place a $300 deposit to enter the program.
  • The deposit is then deducted from the remaining balance due and divided by a maximum of 6 monthly payments.

The amount due on the storm shelter is then deducted either on the 1st or 15th to make it payday friendly. Once the balance is within 30 days of being paid in full you will receive an install date but the shelter will NOT be installed until it is verified the payment has cleared your banking institution.

How to Apply:

Visit the showroom to enroll in the storm shelter financing layaway program and fill out the necessary forms to allow monthly deductions against your bank account or credit card.

This storm shelter layaway program is only available in the state of Oklahoma. If you have questions concerning the program please email Robin at [email protected] or call 405-417-8676.

Connect with us at and stay up to date on all tornado shelter financing programs.